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May 9, 2004

by V

Understanding the Republican Electorate

Or, rather, failing to.. here's a Kos comment worth highlighting:

Conservatives are Compassionate by Devilstower
Amazingly so.  They're willing to forgive again, and again, and to never hold someone accountable for their past actions -- as long as that someone is named George W. Bush.

The party that preaches personal accountability turns out to have a schism between words and behavior that's just as large as the gap between what the Bush administration says and what it does.  George is wrong about the weapons in Iraq?  Forgive him.  George is wrong about the reaction of the Iraqi people?  That's okay.  George misses on the cost of the war by at least 100% and counting?  Everyone makes mistakes.  George talks about closing down the 'torture chambers' in Iraq even as it's revealed that the US is actively involved in torture?  How could he know?

At some point, you would think that even the most hardened partisan would come to one of two conclusions: either George W. Bush is an incomparably awful administrator who fails to control his organization, or George W. Bush is an accomplished liar who has never once played straight with the American people.  In either case, why would anyone think of giving this man another four years in office?

The fact that Republicans are not screaming for Bush's head is proof positive that all their talk about accountability and morality is only that -- talk.
Along that same line, the commenters at Calpundit Washington Monthly have been honing their sarcastic art to a diamond-sharp point; Kevin Drum has some of the better comment threads on the Internet (if you leave out the nuts). My current favorite dry-as-dust comment:

On "Abu Ghraib", regarding the possibility that all the photos and videos may make their way into the public eye somehow:

None of that stuff should be made public. It will dissipate support for the war. As a moral country, facing reality is not something that we should be forced to do.

On the other hand, if an intrusive investigation had uncovered details of a lurid affair between the president and a white house aide, well that would be something different. We would want all the details exposed because the president is the fulcrum of moral leadership in our country. Imagine what would happen to children if we didn't reveal the sexual exploits [of] the president? Our children and children around the world would start to question our moral leadership. We'd be in real trouble then.
Honor! Dignity! Seen them around lately?
Posted by V at May 9, 2004 09:12 PM

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