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May 10, 2004

by V

Flip, Flop, FLIP! The Return of the "Terror Tour"

Oh, this is just sad.

You might recall that just last week, the Kerry Blog caught the Bush Campaign in a reversal, where they changed the name of their preannounced 'Winning the War on Terror Tour' to the less grandiose 'Yes, America Can' tour. Ha ha, very courageous. You can almost see the implicit smiley emoticon at the end.

Well, imagine my surprise at this lovely item at the top of today's Bush Blog:

GeorgeWBush.com :: Official Blog :: The Winning the War on Terror Tour Comes to Arizona
On Friday, Bush-Cheney '04 campaign Chairman Marc Racicot joined Phoenix-area veterans at a stop for the Winning the War on Terror Tour. At the event, we learned about John Kerry's troubling record on national security, including the numerous weapons systems that he voted against as a member of the Senate.

[snipped: lies, BS, oversimplifications, begging the question...]

Many veterans in the audience were appalled at what they learned about John Kerry's record. I left this event more inspired than ever to get out and work for President Bush's re-election.

Bill Gates
Phoenix, Arizona
Ah yes, that's the icing right there -- BILL GATES from Phoenix, AZ supports George W. Bush!

Hey, I wonder if this post is just left over from when the Tour had a different name, or if they've actually repainted the buses.

Either way, it's 1) an error or 2) an admission of prior error - not to mention stupid, wobbly and sloppy. Hey, that reminds me of someone...
Posted by V at May 10, 2004 06:26 PM

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