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May 16, 2004

by J

Pelosi's In the House

Harold Meyerson at the American Prospect has a profile of Nancy Pelosi and her work as minority leader in the House. Seems the consensus is that things are going much better than when Gephardt was leading. Another reason for Kerry not to select Gep as VP. And kudos to Pelosi for kicking the Democratic caucus into some semblance of shape.
Pelosi proposed a party rule change to give the caucus' Steering and Policy Committee -- a body the leader almost invariably controls -- the power to select subcommittee chairs on the Energy and Commerce Committee, a juice committee with regulatory powers so vast that members are able to raise large sums of money they can contribute to embattled fellow members or challengers. Having a subcommittee chair, in short, is one way to become a power in the House or to run for higher office. Pelosi's proposal tied advancement in the party to adherence to the party's positions on floor votes. As Pelosi put it, there are just three good reasons to break with the caucus: "conscience, constituents, or the Constitution."

[...] "Under Gephardt, you could just say it's a hard vote in my district and let it go at that," one member says. "Nancy says, 'No -- you'll have to come before the caucus and articulate a reason.'"
Ahhh... the sweet, sweet sound of accountability. Go Nancy, go. And everyone go read the whole article, too.

The DCCC has a website dedicated to making Pelosi the first female speaker of the house: Speaker Pelosi. Once again, go Nancy, go.
Posted by J at May 16, 2004 05:54 PM

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