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May 22, 2004

by V

Bush falls off bike: Wait for it...

Bush suffers cuts, bruises while biking - Albany, N.Y. Times Union/AP
President Bush suffered cuts and bruises early Saturday afternoon when he fell while mountain biking on his ranch, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.

Bush was on the 16th mile of a 17-mile ride when he fell, Duffy said. He was riding with a military aide, members of the Secret Service and his personal physician, Dr. Richard Tubb.

"He had minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand and both knees," Duffy said. "Dr. Tubb, who was with him, cleaned his scratches, said he was fine. The Secret Service offered to drive him back to the house. He declined and finished his ride."

Bush was wearing his bike helmet and a mouth guard when the mishap occurred. Duffy said he didn't know exactly how the accident happened.

"It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," the spokesman said. "You know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it to say he wasn't whistling show tunes."

Duffy said Bush probably would be wearing a bandage on his chin during a party Saturday night for his daughter, Jenna...
Ooookay. Weird things about this story:
  1. As Kos denizen "Marie" points out on the inevitable thread:
    A 17 mile mountain bike ride would not seem to be a first choice for casual cyclists. Since this is the slickest-ever PR WH, there is no way that they would have hidden photos all these years of GWB cycling on his range. In fact they would have had him posing on a bike next to Lance Armstrong...
    And from "kherr":
    And by the way, when did he start bicycling? About two weeks after Karl Rove saw Kerry does it?
    I don't recall any "George bikes! Without whistling!" stories before; showing photos of our God-President holding his balance well enough to mountain-bike would have been a sensible move after the Segway fall and the Pretzel Choking Incident, wouldn't you say? Funny that they didn't.

  2. From the department of He Doth Protest Way Too Incredibly Much: "Suffice it to say he wasn't whistling show tunes."

    Exsqueeze me? Who suggested that he was? Who suggested anything in the same area code as that denial?

    Hey Mr. Duffy, please tell us what other things our President wasn't doing, please, sir. "Suffice it to say he was not cooking a tasty zucchini-pesto quiche." "Suffice it to say he got no abrasions on his posterior such as one might obtain from being assaulted with a chemical light."

    Such bizarre disclaimers this White House feels the need to provide.

  3. Finally, there's this crowning aspect of the story: "It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose". As commenter "Abreact" on Washington Monthly (on an unrelated but still excellent thread) noticed:
    Actually, according to the Weather Channel - it hasn't rained in Crawford, Tx in the last 7 days.

    Are they even lying about the weather now?
    Indeed: "Precip: 0 in", 7 days in a row. I'll have a screen shot up later of the important bits from that link, just because it really shouldn't be lost.

    UPDATE: Here 'tis...
    Weather.com chart
How very peculiar.
Posted by V at May 22, 2004 08:12 PM

"It's been raining and ... ?!" Christ, that petulant, overbrown brat can't even take a faceplant off a mountain bike without making an excuse for himself! Goddamned giant eight year old fool.

Posted by: Janis at May 22, 2004 09:38 PM

In all fairness to Dubya... and God knows I'm neither a fan nor a supporter of his. But, he is an avid jogger who is reputed to be in excellent health and shape. I'm not a pro mountain biker, either. But, I might take on that same 17 mile ride.

Posted by: Kevin at May 22, 2004 11:42 PM

Kevin, you might take the same ride, but I warrant if you went arse over teakettle, you'd `fess up to it like a grown up ...

Posted by: Janis at May 23, 2004 08:26 PM

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