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June 13, 2004

by J

Another Wilgoren Travesty

Good grief, Wilgoren didn't just hate Dean, she seems to loathe John Kerry too. Did a Democrat sneeze on her dog once or something? Her latest article is a disgusting display of UnJournalism, with a lede that compares John Kerry to a caged hamster.
His formal statements are filled with multisyllabic upper-crust phrasing his campaign had an intern whose main responsibility was to look up all the unfamiliar words Mr. Kerry uttered but one on one, he calls strangers "man" or "brother." He is careful to use people's names he has interrupted himself more than once to introduce sign-language interpretations yet he rarely remembers them.
So using big words = upper-crust = rich (poor people are stupid, of course, according to Wilgoren). And Kerry meets a lot of people and doesn't remember all their names? The horror! There's more:
There is the John Kerry who starts his speeches with throat-clearing thank-you's that last 5, 8, even 10 or 12 minutes, and he often runs on for several paragraphs or pages after summing up with a promised, "finally."
Oh, how terrible! Woe to the Republic! John Kerry says thank you to a lot of people and gives long speeches. Tell us, Jodi, just how many paragraphs are allowed after one says "finally" in a speech, just so we're clear.
It is not, as with Mr. Bush, mainly an exercise regimen; there remains in Mr. Kerry a prep-school cultivated competitive sensibility Though Mr. Wade said his boss reads newspapers thoroughly each morning and even points out articles for him, Mr. Kerry frequently deflects questions about news developments by saying he has not read about them.
Ooooo... "prep-school cultivated competitiveness" instead of just being in it for the exercise like Dear Leader. And Wilgoren of course assumes that when Kerry wants to be well-read on something he means only news articles. It couldn't be, could it, that Kerry doesn't trust the news (imagine that!) and so defers until he's read a bit more background on whatever "news development" someone is pestering him about. In Wilgoren's world, the only "reading" that counts is reading UnJournalism like hers. Oh wait, she's also upset that Kerry's initial reaction to seeing the text of a Bush speech is "long speech." She can't seem to bear the thought that someone might actually want to think about something and develop a thoughtful and complete reaction.

Jodi, please grow up.
Posted by J at June 13, 2004 07:03 AM

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