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June 21, 2004

by J

Pickler Strikes Again

What a piece of junk this AP story by Pickler is.
After a week of campaigning for the less fortunate, John Kerry went on vacation with the fabulously wealthy.
But Pickler's man Dubya, he's a man of the people; she's a journalist, she says so, it must be true!
Like Kerry, President Bush is a Yale graduate who has benefited from his wealth and family connections. But Bush spends his down time as more of an everyman, preferring to spend vacations at his Texas ranch clearing brush.

"Most Americans don't sit in Martha's Vineyard, swilling white wine," he said at the ranch two years ago.
Well, of cooouuuurse. Because regular Americans, we all own fake ranches to use as props in our quest to make pretend we're someone we're not and consolidate power, don't we?
Kerry's two daughters joined the couple for a weekend of boating and dinner Saturday at The Pearl, where such delicacies as Tempura of Maryland Soft Shell Crabs cost $33.
Oh my goodness. Kerry and his daughters went out for a fancy dinner on Father's Day. The very horror!! Someone call the newsmedia! .... Oh ... right. [via Dohiyi Mir]
Posted by J at June 21, 2004 07:27 AM

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