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July 13, 2004

by V

Dear Ken

Kerry Campaign Manager Mary Beth Cahill writes, in a pleasingly snarky letter to BC04 Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman:

John Kerry for President Blog: Letter to Bush Cheney í04 Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman
Yesterday, I received a letter from [Mehlman] asking our campaign for a tape of a recent fund-raising event. Today, I sent the following reply...

Dear Ken:

Over the past several months, allies of the President have questioned John Kerryís patriotism while your staff has criticized his service in Vietnam. Republicans and their allies have gone so far as to launch attacks against his wife and your campaign has run $80 million in negative ads that have been called baseless, misleading and unfair by several independent observers.

Considering that the President has failed to even come close to keeping his promise to change the tone in Washington, we find your outrage over and paparazzi-like obsession with a fund-raising event to be misplaced. The fact is that the nation has a greater interest in seeing several documents made public relating to the Presidentís performance in office and personal veracity that the White House has steadfastly refused to release. As such, we will not consider your request until the Bush campaign and White House make public the documents/materials listed below:

  • Military records: Any copies of the Presidentís military records that would actually prove he fulfilled the terms of his military service. For that matter, it would be comforting to the American people if the campaign or the White House could produce more than just a single person to verify that the President was in Alabama when said he was there. Many Americans find it odd that only one person out of an entire squadron can recall seeing Mr. Bush...
  • The Cheney Energy Task Force: For an Administration that claims to hate lawsuits, itís ironic that the Bush White House is taking up the Courtsí time to keep the fact that Ken Lay and Enron wrote its energy policy in secret behind closed doors. Please release the documents so that the country can learn what lobbyists and special interests wrote the White House energy policy...
  • Prison Abuse Documents: A few weeks ago, the White House released a selected number of documents regarding the White Houseís involvement in laying the legal foundation for the interrogation methods that were used in Iraq. Please release the remaining documents.
We also wanted to wish you a happy anniversary. As we are sure you and the attorneys representing the President, Vice-President and other White House officials are aware, today marks one year since Administration sources leaked the identity of a covert CIA agent to Bob Novak in an effort to retaliate against a critic of the Administration.

In light of the fact that the Administration began gutting the laws protecting the nationís forests yesterday, we hope you will accept the paper on which this letter is written as an anniversary gift. (The one year anniversary is known as the "paper anniversary.")


Mary Beth Cahill
Campaign Manager
Posted by V at July 13, 2004 05:55 PM

That was a thing of beauty. I especially liked this comment over at Kos.

Cahill's letter is almost worth another $25 donation. Almost. One more like this and I'll do it.

Posted by: J at July 13, 2004 06:49 PM

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