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July 22, 2004

by J

Dean in Primetime

Dean will speak in primtetime at the convention on Tuesday. From a recent email:
On Tuesday night next week, Governor Dean will speak in primetime to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. And immediately after his speech he will be talking to you.

The Governor is scheduled to speak on Tuesday night. Immediately after his remarks to a packed house at the Fleet Center and Americans watching at home, he will speak directly to Democracy for America supporters.

After you watch the speech, head straight for your computer and democracyforamerica.com.

You will be able to listen live on our web site as the Governor makes special remarks to supporters and takes questions from Dean Dozen candidates and grassroots leaders on a nationwide conference call.
Nifty. I had only been half following all the consternation over who was speaking when at the convention. There was some hullabaloo over Hillary, and Deaniacs were upset because he didn't get a primetime slot. I dunno. It just seemed to me like they (whoever 'they' is) were parceling out information in pieces and Dean didn't seem to care, so I didn't care. From a USAToday article yesterday:
Dean has not been granted a prime-time speaking spot at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Boston, although he will speak sometime during the four-day event. "There are hardly any prime-time spots I never expected to get that," Dean said.
My Tivo will capture it all anyway. But, whether this was planned all along or a recent change, I'm still glad for him. AFAIC, he's the reason John Kerry has a shot. The party bosses should acknowledge that, and this is but a small token of that acknowledgement.

Now, what will he say? Hmmm...
Posted by J at July 22, 2004 07:02 AM

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