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July 27, 2004

by V

9/11 Report proceeds likely minimal; Will go to charity

I was wondering this:

Who Gets the 9/11 Report Profits? The publisher's printing at least 800,000 copies. Where will all the money go? by Brendan I. Koerner [Slate]
The $10 book is Amazon.com's top-selling title, and publisher W.W. Norton has already ordered another 200,000 copies, on top of a first printing of 600,000.

...Despite the report's rapid climb up the best-seller list, there's no guarantee that Norton will ever make a dime off this particular deal. ... Norton agreed to issue the paperback version of the report on the day of its public release. (An indexed hardcover edition will follow.) Norton did not pay for the publishing rights, but had to foot the bill for a rush printing and shipping job...

In addition, the commission and Norton agreed in May on the 568-page tome's rather low cover price of $10, making it that much harder for the publisher to recoup its costs. ... Norton also agreed to provide one free copy to the family of every 9/11 victim.

If and when Norton crosses the break-even barrier, the publisher has vowed to donate all further proceeds to charity, although a specific recipient has not yet been selected.
Bully for W.W. Norton.
Posted by V at July 27, 2004 10:05 PM

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