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July 29, 2004

by V

Sneaky Fafnir; Ferrell does Bush again!

I just can't let this go by without quoting it... Made possible only because the DNC gave bloggers credentials, this post cracked me up. (It helps if you are familiar with Fafnir...):

Fafblog! I am touchin Atrios's laptop right now!
Well here we are at the Democratic National Convention! I woulda blogged about the speeches last night but we had a slight medical mishap as I almost got trampled by Sidney Blumenthal while tryin to touch the hem of Bill Clinton's garment. I could not help it he is just too beautiful!

Just five minutes ago I got to see THE Newsweek's Howard Fineman! He is even shorter an pastier an more pathologically blase about the status of American democracy in real life! ...

But none a that matters right now cause I AM TYPIN ON ATRIOS'S LAPTOP RIGHT NOW. He musta left it out or somethin cause here I am an he even left his Blogger window open I can totally post to his blog an everythin!
Wooooooo I'm Atrios blah blah blah, phony wars are bad, blah blah blah, the media is corrupt an stupid blah blah blah
aaaaaa here he comes runawayrunaway

-- posted by Fafnir
In other news, Will Ferrell has made a very cool Bush-parody video for ACT (large, Windows Media; via PoliticalWire).

That thing should be edited down to 60 and put on TV, somehow.

aaaaaa here he comes runawayrunaway

UPDATE: here's a much better Will Ferrell link; you can download it instead of streaming it.
Posted by V at July 29, 2004 04:00 PM

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