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August 5, 2004

by V

Leave no Congressional District Behind; Defeat J. D. Hayworth

Chris Bowers of MyDD with a highly informative post:

MyDD :: Leave no Congressional District Behind
According to today's Hotline House Alert, as of right now there are at least thirty-four Republican held districts where no Democrat is on the ballot (information from Our Congress and CNN 2002 election reports):

[snip big list of districts and historical Repub vote percentages]

...Personally, I have had enough of the argument that even spending time to find a sacrificial lamb to run in these districts is a waste of Democratic Party resources. The fact is that for around $350,000, one-third the cost of a competitive congressional district, we could find a candidate for each of these districts and raise $10,000 for [each] candidate's campaign. That $350,000 would be the best $350,000 the Democratic Party would spend at any level this entire election cycle. Combined throughout these districts, it would result in another 1-2 million votes for Democrats for Congress. And that is just this election cycle and just in those congressional elections.

Abandoning a district has repercussions in other current elections. On the Presidential level, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia are battleground states, but Democrats are failing to give Kerry any down ticket help in 12 of the 72 congressional districts in those states: one out of every six. ... Our chances to retake the Senate and the Presidency are dented because of our failure to compete everywhere in the House. ... By abandoning these districts, we .. fail to force existing GOP incumbents to raise money that has now gone to Republicans in more competitive elections.

...Most, if not all, of these candidates would probably lose, but winning an election is never the only thing at stake in that election. For 34 candidates and $350,000, we could do a lot of good. I don't want to hear that it would be a waste of resources, because it is so fucking not. Frankly, it would be the best $350,000 we have ever spent, considering what could be accomplished dollar for dollar. We need a candidate on every congressional ballot, period. 2004 may be a lost cause on this front, but we better work to do it in 2006.
In his comments, there are some updates - apparently VA-11 will be contested by Ken Longmyer, see fairfaxdemocrats.org for more - but there are still too many holes left.

One interesting side note: even though there's no Dem in the race, Arizona Red J.D. "The Blusterer" Hayworth does have a moderate Republican primary opponent, Roselyn O'Connell. Amazingly, she holds positions like: a balanced budget! funding first responders more fully! stem cell research [including, implicitly, embryonic] and on abortion, "The government has no place in this issue. It is not for the government to determine whether an abortion is or is not appropriate for any woman."

Sounds like someone America would be better off with than Hayworth.

Note, please: Independent and "no-party" Arizonans can vote in Republican primaries; this one is on September 7th; registration deadline is August 9th.

Posted by V at August 5, 2004 09:51 AM

Elizabeth Rogers handily won the primary to be the Democratic challenger to J. D. Hayworth in Arizona's congressional district 5. Healthcare voters should know Elizabeth has our best interests at heart as she has worked in the healthcare industry and seen firsthand the effects of current policy. Arizonans in CD 5 deserve better than "the dimmest bulb in Congress" as voted by his colleagues. Support Elizabeth and there are brighter days ahead. Visit http://www.er2004.com to find out more.

Posted by: Ladybug at September 24, 2004 05:05 AM

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