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August 11, 2004

by J

Checking In

Been pretty busy on the offline side of things lately, so not much time to post. A quick run-down on some of the highlights as I remember them from the last few days of websurfing and occasional tv-watching:

I am, as should go without saying, outraged at Swift Boat Liars for Bush.

I was amused at Dean's little interview with Jon Stewart. I can't really see the good doctor as a talk show host, but stranger things have happened.

I am appalled at the Bushies outing an al qaeda double agent. Really. What is wrong with these people?

I am pleased to hear that Kerry and Edwards are drawing huge outdoor crowds and that Bush is too afraid to let anyone into the audience who won't sign a loyalty oath.

Something's happening with TraitorGate and the Plame Affair, but I haven't been keeping up with the details. Please let this leak-proof prosecutor drop the hammer soon on those treasonous bastahds.

I am astonished that Dubya thinks it's a winning strategy to run around campaigning on the fact that "rich people" exploit tax loopholes and don't have to pay taxes and that's just something we've all got to accept. What crazy-ass focus group told Unka Karl this was a good idea?

And on a quick skim of some morning news (aka diaries at dKos - tee), NYCO points out that Dick Cheney doesn't like the values of Massachusetts. Someone please give that man a history book.
Posted by J at August 11, 2004 10:12 AM

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