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August 11, 2004

by V

Letter from Bushworld

I got myself on a Bush mailing list some weeks ago. I think it'll be amusing and instructive to post the texts of their appeals publicly. This one's from mid-July. Initial observations:
  • Racicot set a specific not-too-ambitious goal: raise $12 million in 2 months. I wonder how that's going.
  • Racicot never says 'Senator Kerry', only 'Kerry' or 'John Kerry'. Basic disrespect is par for this course though.
  • Fund-raising letters are extraordinarily dull, repetitive, stultifying and repetitive. I assume this is because most people just skim.
  • Wherefore is 'Pro-Kerry' always capitalized? Methinks 'pro-Kerry' is more sensible, though everyone knows Capital Letters Are Scarier. Boo!
  • Today the war is on "Terrorism", not "Terror" (and it's only mentioned once). Tomorrow may be different.
  • Abused phrases: "liberal allies", "distort", "positive message/agenda".
  • Not mentioned: "values", "family", "Massachusetts", "gay", "abortion".
  • Racicot still claims the election will be close. Hah.
Full text of the letter after the jump... and more letters to come.

All textual emphases were in the original document:
Marc Racicot

July 21, 2004


Dear [V]:

President Bush urgently needs your support over the next two months to help counter a massive ad blitz from John Kerry and his liberalallies.

I'm writing you today because, more than most, you understand how important the next few months are to victory in November.

You see, when John Kerry officially accepts his party's nomination next week, he will get millions of dollars worth of free press.

On top of that, liberal Democrats, fueled by their intense hatred of President Bush, are pouring cash into Kerry's campaign war chest at a record pace -- $100,000,000 since March. And with John Edwards on board -- trial lawyers are sure to pour millions of dollars more into Kerry and liberal Democrat support group coffers to elect their favorite son.

Altogether, Kerry and Pro-Kerry liberal propaganda groups have already spent over $120,000,000 on television ads -- most attacking President Bush. These Pro-Kerry groups have already spent over $20 million more on television ads than the Bush-Cheney campaign and groups supportive of the President, with plans to spend up to half a billion dollars against the President and mobilize liberal voters in battleground states.

Our campaign leadership has always expected this to be a very tough election, but we never dreamed that John Kerry would make the race so negative so early.

That's why, beginning immediately, the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign is refocusing our efforts on a nationwide voter contact and targeting program, as well as a massive television advertising blitz, to get President Bush's positive vision for a safer, more prosperous and better America directly to voters.

We're moving up our timetable for these efforts to deny John Kerry and his liberal allies the chance to smear President Bush and distort his message.

But our ability to respond relies on having additional funds in the bank.

I'm writing friends of President Bush like you, [V], to ask for your help. Will you please use the enclosed envelopes to send a contribution of at least $10 for each of the months of July and August?

Page Two -- [V]

We need the support of every loyal Charter Member of the Bush-Cheney Team today.

Once Bush-Cheney '04 receives your contribution, and that of other friends like you, we can begin putting our ads on TV -- and accelerate our voter contact and targeting programs in key battleground states.

[V], we must raise $12 million in the next two months to fund these programs. It will require every Bush-Cheney supporter to send a contribution -- whether it is $25 or $1,000 -- each contribution is critical.

During the Democrat convention, we expect speaker after speaker to stand before a national television audience and tear down President Bush with vitriolic rhetoric. We must increase our media budget to remind voters of President Bush's positive agenda for America before Kerry and the liberal Democrats twist the truth beyond recognition.

We must promote the President's positive message for America -- an agenda that:
  • Continues the War on Terrorism to protect America;
  • Ensures our economic growth remains strong which will mean job creation -- and make it possible for every American to own a home, health and retirement plan and, if they want, his or her own business;
  • Focuses on results in schools so every child learns to read and no child is left behind; and,
  • Creates an environment in which risk takers and entrepreneurs create more jobs.
John Kerry and his surrogates are spreading lies about the President, [V]. But with your help, the Bush-Cheney campaign can counter the distortions from the liberal Democrats.

This battle will be hard fought. There is little doubt it will be a close election. The outcome could hinge on as few as 10,000 votes in key states across the country.

That's why the two envelopes I've enclosed and your support of Bush-Cheney '04 are so important.

If you can send a gift of $10 each month for July and August or a single gift of $20 now for both months, Bush-Cheney '04 will be able to raise $12 million needed to counter the Pro-Kerry ad blitz and get President Bush's positive vision for America's future directly to the voters.

[V], I know this is a lot to ask but your support now is critical. I hope we can count on you again for your help in July and August. Please be as generous as you can.

President Bush appreciates everything you have done to support his campaign and I know he is honored to serve as your President.


Marc Racicot

P.S. [V], we must get President Bush's positive message for America's future to the American voters before Kerry and his liberal allies distort it beyond recognition. Please use the enclosed envelopes to send your donation of $10 in July and $10 in August or $20 for both months. Whatever you contribute -- please respond today. Thank you.
Post Office Box 7602 * Merrifield, VA 22116 * 800-531-6789
Not printed at Taxpayers' expense
Paid for by Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.

But thanks for wasting the stamp.
Posted by V at August 11, 2004 02:28 PM

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