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August 25, 2004

by J

The Haters Are Out

Check out the latest comments to this crazy thread on our site. We now have someone too stupid to figure out that we're not Democrats threatening us with violence for supporting John Kerry over George Bush. Be sure to get out a napkin to wipe the spittle away that was undoubtedly flung while those ineloquent comments were being composed.

The illogical, factually-challenged, unAmerican haters are becoming desperate, I think.
Posted by J at August 25, 2004 08:15 PM


As wild as the later comments are, I think I most enjoy all the people who decided they had a direct line to Mary Beth Cahill because they followed the example of... a spammer.

Posted by: Squelch at August 26, 2004 07:07 AM

Yeah, it's fairly amusing. Except for the violence and death threats from the Bushies, that is.

Jeezuz. What is wrong with these people?

Posted by: J at August 26, 2004 08:14 AM


You guys get all the good whackos over here. (sigh)

I'm so jealous.

Posted by: carla at August 26, 2004 03:32 PM

Oh and incidentally:

I keep trying to email you guys and I keep getting mailer demons...so...

I've started a webring for women who blog on Progressive topics, especially politics. Don't know if you two consider yourselves Progressives...but I dig your blog and would love for you to join us.

Please check the bottom of the page at Preemptive Karma for more information.



Posted by: carla at August 26, 2004 04:44 PM

That's odd. I just tested it and it worked for me. Are you sure you had only one 'e' in 'judgment' -- j -at- valuejudgment.org.

Will think about the webring, but I got kinda' burned out on webrings in the 90s.

Posted by: J at August 26, 2004 04:59 PM

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