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September 3, 2004

by V

Jobs numbers

The new jobs report is out - July revised upward to 73,000 new jobs, August added 144,000 nonfarm payroll jobs. Not quite the blistering pace predicted by the Bush administration when it passed the most recent tax cuts -- and I'd note that these job growth predictions were made by BushCo well after 9/11, Mr. O'Reilly, so you can't honorably claim that 9/11 is the reason their forecasts are so wrong (though of course that doesn't seem to stop you).

Prof. Delong asks the key question, bite-sized enough that anyone in a position to speak with a Republican official should be able to spit it out before being banished for distributing Facts:

Brad DeLong: Employment News: Not Good
"What has gone wrong with the economy to leave us with an employment level 1.7 million below what you projected last February that it would be by now?"
And on that note, I think it would be instructive if Mr. Krugman would update this graph.
Posted by V at September 3, 2004 10:14 AM

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