Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

September 14, 2004

by J

Kerry Stands Up

In a move worthy of Howard Dean, John Kerry hires a woman who was fired by her Bush-worshipping boss for daring to have a Kerry bumper sticker on the car that she drove to work.
By this morning, Geddes [the Bush-worshipping boss], who has declined to comment publicly on the matter, had apparently had enough of the bad publicity. Through an intermediary, he offered Gobbell an apology and said she could have her old job back. But Gobbell said she wouldn't return without some written guarantee that Geddes wouldn't turn around and fire her once he was out of the spotlight. Then, late this afternoon, Kerry himself phoned Gobbell. "He was telling me how proud he was that I stood up," Gobbell told me. "He'd read the part where Phil said I could either work for him or work for John Kerry. He said, 'you let him know you're working for me as of today.' I was just so shocked."
You go, big John. Just brilliant. Also, a great idea from a commenter at dKos:
Great idea for a campaign commercial.

Start off talking about how she lost her job. Then cut to Kerry calling her on the phone and offering her a job. Finish by saying, "even before he's been elected as President, John Kerry has already created more jobs than George Bush."

End commercial.

Posted by J at September 14, 2004 08:37 PM

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