Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

October 6, 2004

by J

Dem Party Still Broken; News at 11

The DLC is still whining, whining, and lying, about Howard Dean. Matt Stoller writes about it.
So the fight will be about power, and how it flows. Does the top get to keep it to themselves, or must they share, and enlarge the pie? Who wants more space for the people, who sees surplus and thinks let's make more, and who sees space and email lists and thinks 'my precious'? That's the question. But it really has little to do with the old wings of the party.
Kerry's going to have a lot of things to deal with when he wins. I hope one of his priorities is to get the Democratic party to shape up. They're such a continuing disappointment.
Posted by J at October 6, 2004 06:55 AM

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