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October 16, 2004

by J

More on Stewart and Corrupted Media

Another good comment about Stewart's takedown of Begala and Carlson:
And a telling moment was when Begala asked Jon, "as a professional comedian...as not just a citizen..."

Jon replied sarcastically, "which I hold to be much more important than a citizen..."

He IS a citizen.  We ALL are.  And HE'S disgusted at the current state of journalism.  Jon Stewart, like David Cross, Bill Maher, and yes, Michael Moore, are all speaking out.  Using their wit, at first, to drive some points, with comfort by evoking some laughter.  But now?  They're tired of it all.  As we ALL should be.

They're tired of this sorry-ass reporting passing as "investigative journalism" these days.  Right now, with this administration, there's plenty of material to make "Watergate" look like nothing.  Nothing.  And where is it?  Hidden in the form of a three paragraph "extra" waaaay back on page A22 of the paper.  If that.

And these "news shows" or "debate shows"?  They're as Jon pointed out:  theater posing as news.  There are young men and women DYING over in Iraq over a fuckin' lie.  And these morons (Carlson, Begala, Novak, Coulter, et al), or all behaving like this is just your average election year.  Like nothing or REAL importance is going on.  When there is a whole fricken' grocery list of f'ups made by the current administration.  
It is enough to make one weep into one's numbing-alcoholic-beverage-of-choice.
Posted by J at October 16, 2004 12:11 PM

Check out today's LA Times, they have a recap and some truly clueless statements by Tucker Carlson...

Posted by: NYCO at October 18, 2004 10:51 AM

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