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October 18, 2004

by J

Carville and Novak Whine

According to this post and an aside over at NYCO's place, Carville and Novak went after Jon Stewart today on Crossfire.

Truth hurts, don't it boys?

And apparently Novak went with the "he's ignorant" claim again. Must be something he and his good pal Begala have cooked up. Anyone who thinks their show is full of crap? They must be "ignorant" and "uninformed."

NYCO comments on the LA Times piece in which Carlson shows his abject idiocy again. He's whining that Stewart is sanctimonious. Give. me. a. break. As NYCO says:
Unfortunately, the rest of America has been dealing for years with someone so trite and sanctimonious, Tucker - your good self. (And your silly pal Paul Begala.)

No more. No more. This is the end.
Begala, Novak, Carlson, Carville and their ilk... Stewart is right. These people are hurting my country. And they're so f'in glib about it, it makes me want to spit. Carlson whining about how Stewart wouldn't be any fun to have dinner with? That completely demonstrates the priorities of these self-satisfied pundit-whores -- trash the discourse by day, yuk about it together over drinks at night. They should all be ashamed.

Buy Jon Stewart's book. Buy two copies actually.

Something, by god, has got to give.
Posted by J at October 18, 2004 05:44 PM

Oh, something is already giving. The corporate media will try to further co-opt satire and it won't work. But I think blogs are going to have a big say in what happens next with the corporate media - particularly the newspapers. For instance, I'm encouraging everyone with a political blog to call the Mike Fitzpatrick campaign (267.880.1250) and ask why their candidate thinks it's okay to call Ginny Schrader a supporter of Hezbollah and child rape. I'm suggesting that we try to speak to someone high up but no matter what we make sure that whoever we speak to knows that s/he is on the record and speaking for attribution. Then we post about our results. If they don't want to comment, we'll let them know that all we have to go on is our impressions of the conversation and what the Schrader campaign has said on the record. If we all did that over the next two days - a huge effort to target this one district and the scurrilous tactics of the NRCC, I think we'd get noticed. I don't care what the new journalism turns out to be. For right now, I'm pretending it's us.

Posted by: erobin at October 27, 2004 07:40 AM

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