Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

October 19, 2004

by J

New Yorker on the Note

Oh, I think I'm going to throw up. The New Yorker profiles Mark Halperin and The Note. Watch as your political discourse is debased! Enjoy seeing policy decisions trivialized! Guffaw in delight as the meta-wankery descends to depths heretofore unforeseen!

There's also a bit of the usual revisionist history when it comes to the Dean campaign, and this interesting little tidbit (later implicitly answered in the same article.)
During the Democratic primary season, the Howard Dean campaign spent months futilely trying to find out who kept sending Halperin its internal memoranda.
*cough* McMahon *cough*.
Posted by J at October 19, 2004 02:39 PM

I'm so glad to see you take on the Note. I do at my blog - although not regularly because I can't stand to read it - but so many other blogs link to it as if it deserves to be read.

Posted by: eRobin at October 27, 2004 07:33 AM

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