Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

November 1, 2004

by V

Delusion-Based Community

The authoritarians at the Corner have been consumed by their own spin. They actually believe that the Washington Post is a lefty rag determined to spin things for Kerry, from which they deduce that the polls must be better for Bush than the Post will admit, which "logically" follows to -- Bush Landslide!

[The Corner on National Review Online] MORE PROOF THAT IT'S "BUSH WINS" [Michael Graham]
...As regular readers of the Washington Post-Democrat know, if there was ANY way they could call it for Kerry, they would. If there was a pro-Kerry angle, or a surge in OH, PA and FL, or anything that would indicate Kerry is winning, we'd be reading it on the front page.

When the MSM says "Kerry's Winning Big," that means "It's close." When they say "It's Tied," that means "Bush is Winning." When they complain that Bush has somehow stolen a slim electoral majority but not nearly large enough to give him a mandate...

That means "Landslide."
Man, that's hilarious... The House of Kurtz, et al. is a Kerry bastion?! That spin is at least ten years out of date (if it were ever true); not to mention that basing predictions on your own ref-working talking points is... not reality-based.

Watching them freak out Wednesday will be such a kick.
Posted by V at November 1, 2004 02:19 PM

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