Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

November 15, 2004

by J

Bone-headed Democrats

Kos has posted some of the scoop on the behind the scenes machinations for the chairmanship of the DNC. Democrats will apparently never learn. Look, I'm on record as saying I don't really want Dean as DNC chair. (The fact that I'm not a Democrat probably has something to do with it.) But the arguments being used against him are un-freakin-believable. As Markos says:
I always, always laugh when I hear one of these insiders talk about the "disaster" that a Dean chairmanship would wreak on the party.

I mean, disaster compared to what? Being shut out from all levers of government? From the White House, Supreme Court, House, Senate, majority of governorships and majority of state legislatures?

How about the disaster of three straight losing election cycles? That's not a freakin' disaster?

Dean means reform. Simon Rosenberg means reform. There are probably other dark horse candidates out there who would mean reform.

And that's what we need. Reform, not status quo. The status quo is untenable. I'm tired of losing, and that's the only thing the current gang has delivered.

But the establishment is gearing up to fight the challenge from outside. Note the language they are using -- we need "centrists", not "liberals" backed by (crazy) "activists". It's a negative campaign that would make Karl Rove proud, designed to scare DNC members into the safe vote (Harkin), rather than the scary vote (Dean).
I begin to have a small flicker of understanding towards red-state Nader voters in 2000.

And, if after all that Howard Dean has done for his party, if the impressed-with-itself Democratic establishment, after inexcusably losing to the worst President in living memory, is still going to continue to spit in his and his supporters' faces, then, in the infamous words of Baba Bush, I am through with them. They apparently can't be taught. They won't learn. It's beyond pathetic at this time.

And, btw, shame, shame on John Kerry for participating in this. He apparently still has $45M of donation money left over. (WTF?) Maybe I'll write and ask for my money back...
Posted by J at November 15, 2004 01:58 PM

"Disaster" = "some of the existing flunkies might lose their jobs."


Posted by: Janis at November 15, 2004 07:45 PM

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