Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

November 15, 2004

by J

More on Democratic Nonsense

Chris at Interesting Times has more on the foolish Democratic party:
When considering who should be the DNC chair maybe we should consider the motives of those who are vying for the spot:

Gov. Tom Vilsack: "Keep Iowa first" and "stop Howard Dean".

Gov. Jeane Shaheen: "Lay the groundwork for Kerry '08" and "stop Howard Dean"

Gov. Roy Barnes: "Lay the groundwork for Edwards '08" and "stop Howard Dean"

Harold Ickes: "Lay the groundwork for Hillary '08" and "stop Howard Dean"

Howard Dean: "Lay the groundwork for Democrats '06, '08, '10, '12, '14, '16, '18, '20, ..."

Of the leading candidates, only Howard Dean appears to want the job for the purpose of advancing the prospects of the party. The rest are vying for the job in order to protect their own turf (Vilsack), help out political patrons (Shaheen, Barnes, Ickes) and also stop that "disaster" Howard Dean (all the above).

Now consider this: If Dean becomes DNC chair he would most likely have to give up any dream of "Dean '08". So, Dean is not only the the Democratic party candidate, he is also the ultimate "stop Howard Dean" candidate.

Sounds like a win-win to me!
What a sorry excuse for leadership these Democrats represent.

(Sorry for quoting the whole thing, Chris - it was too pithy to pullquote ;-) )
Posted by J at November 15, 2004 03:05 PM

No problem about the complete quote. As long as the link is there.

Posted by: Chris Andersen at November 18, 2004 01:30 PM

I believe Dean is a team player more than the others. I believe DR. DEAN is intelligent and can recognize the need for change and carry thru with it rather than play lip service. I was one of the few that thought the scream speech was marvelous as I am one to cheer loudly and show enthusiasm for things, going my way or not. The problem is not Dean... it is the media. The media is gonna give him the cold shoulder, no respect, no free air time, show indifference, and constantly constrast styles. The media will focus on his negatives, focus on his negatives, & focus on his negatives. The proof in the Dean pudding will be if Howard can revamp his image and make the pundits accept him. Since Joe Scarborough was the first in my opinion to annunciate, "that speech was a disaster for Dean.. he is through!" seconds after his exciting pep rally, lets take Scarborough Country off the market. Those damn Republicans are such ditto heads, such dominoes when they fall, they ran with Joe's reaction rather than react on their own.

Posted by: jamescaan at November 30, 2004 11:33 AM

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