Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections GoogleNews: Howard Dean

January 23, 2005

by J

Hillary v. Howard

In this thread about a DNC event on the west coast, one commenter observes that the rumor is that Hillary is a major obstacle to Dean's chairmanship.
I should mention that after the main event today (when the Western Regional DNC members questioned the Chair candidates) that I asked a DNC member I know personally, what he thought about Dean's chances. He said there is really one main impediment and gave a very simple, direct suggestion for activists. He said, "you need to apply tremendous pressure to Hilary." I asked, "Are you saying she's in the way?" "Yes!"

So there you have it. A little project for us Dean supporters to work on between now and February 12th. The next, and final stop for the DNC Chair process is a final caucus in New York City next weekend. (Hilary's turf.) Perhaps some of our NY Dean Dems can come up with some "pressure" special just for her.
And who can forget the expression on her face at the convention while Dean was speaking? (Shitty of the media to show it, but nonetheless..). This is a real problem. I was living in upstate New York when she was running for Senate. I watched, went to a couple of events, donated (a small amount of) money. She worked extremely hard. I've long thought she's an incredibly strong person for the way she's held together in spite of the vile nastiness that the wingnuts have flung at her. But, I've also been disappointed in some of her work as a Senator. I no longer live in New York, but I think I will be sending her a note, nevertheless.
Posted by J at January 23, 2005 08:08 AM

I hate to think it, but we have to consider the possibility that Hillary would oppose Dean for the simple fact that he may soon eclipse the Clintons as the most powerful Democrat in the nation. Dean's core of support is larger today than Bill Clinton's was during the '92 race (no actual figures on that, just a gut estimate). But Bill and Hillary still hold more institutional power than Dean. But if Dean becomes DNC chair, he could challenge their hold on the party.

Posted by: Chris Andersen at January 24, 2005 12:31 PM

I tend to think a lot of this talk about Hillary scheming against Dean is just a lot of Democratic flunkies blowing it out their asses, frankly.

Do these people really know that much, or do they want other people to think they do?

I don't think Bill and Hillary hold half as much power as the Beltway insiders think they do. I think the Clintons are kind of a castle in the air, actually, when it comes to their future prospects in politics.

Posted by: NYCO at January 24, 2005 07:28 PM

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