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February 9, 2005

by J

What Dean Should Do First

Zack Exley has suggestions for what Dean should do first as DNC chair, especially regarding his email list. I've long had slightly mixed feelings about MoveOn and the little bit I've heard about Exley, but these suggestions resonate with me.
I know the thought of writing to 10 million supporters (who are actually paying attention!) is daunting. So, if this is not speaking out of place, then let me say too: on a certain level, I think you should forget most of your career. This isn't anything to do with you personally -- any politician in your shoes should do the same. Forget policy. There's no hope of good policy in the current intellectual environment -- and anyway that's not your job anymore. Forget ever running for anything again. Forget lobbyists and donors and all the rest of the special interests. You've got millions of politically passionate people out there who desperately want to end the utter corruption of American politics. They'll donate more money together than all lobbyists combined; that was proven in 2004. But they'll do much more than that. With four years to build and organize, they will actually succeed to "take back America " in 2008. These people aren't only Democrats, but millions of Independents and Republicans too. All of America , reasonable and moderate, is your constituency. Unite us. Lead us. It's almost impossible to comprehend the magnitude of the historical possibilities that you face in your new position.

Posted by J at February 9, 2005 09:40 AM

Ooh, that's good. And as a member of Dean's mailing list, I agree. This is a fabulous opportunity, I just hope the party mechanism that undermined him last year doesn't keep in motion. We can't afford that.

Posted by: fishd at February 11, 2005 02:04 AM

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