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June 6, 2005

by J


[for rssers: this post updated] Just when I start to think the Democrats are learning how not to be completely useless after Harry Reid calls Dubya a liar in Rolling Stone, they live down to my expectations again.

Seems that picking on Howard Dean is still a favorite sport among Democratic elites like John Edwards and Joe Biden. They're all upset because Howie made fun of Republican elites for being the party of the rich and not having to actually work very hard. (Lawd o' mercy, noooo!! Don't pick on Republicans!! Heavens to Betsy! Meanwhile, ol' Rush Limbaugh - de facto party spokesman, come on, says that most Democrats don't work - you don't hear Republican leaders running around to condemn him, do ya?)

As a commenter noted, Biden could have responded much more productively for his party along the lines of:
"Howard might not have chosen his words carefully, but I think he raises an interesting point about which party has the average Americans interests at heart. The Republican party always sides with the powerful and rich, and Howard's comments speak to a lack of compassion for those less affluent. I agree with the sentiment, if not the phrasing"
But noooo... if it's a chance to sidle up to the establishment while bashing Howard Dean, Democrats in Washington are all for it.

Useless. Useless. Useless.

Update - I caved and commented on the Kos thread, too.

Update the second: Bob Johnson follows up and describes how stupid we all are (and especially the Dems who are questioned about it in the media) to even entertain the issue.
This week, Dick Cheney said -- with a straight face -- that the Iraq insurgency is in its "death throes."

Bush claimed another corner turned in Iraq in his Rose Garden press conference.

But what are we discussing at dkos?

Howard Dean suggesting, offhandedly, that many Republicans don't work for their money.

God, are we idiots. ´┐ŻNo wonder we keep losing...
Update the third: Digby's on the case too:
Dean's words are actually quite powerful to anyone who isn't a hypocrite, a member of the Sally Quinn circle jerk society or a paid spokesman of the RNC. It's the kind of thing that real people say in real life. It's authentic, Real Murica speak, not Washington pearl clutching bullshit. The presidential race is three long years away and Joe and John both should have laughed and said, "Howard was talking about the Republican leadership and their lobbyist buddies who can't seem to get anything done for the American people --- but they sure do take care of themselves. I think a lot of people probably agree with him on that." Instead they twisted their little lace hankies like a couple of rich old biddies and sniffed and whimpered about how they don't agree with such tawdry sentiment. It's really a wonder we get any votes at all.

Posted by J at June 6, 2005 10:57 AM

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