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June 7, 2005

by J

Edwards Retracts Dean Diss - Kinda

After (so I hear) getting beaten up by some commenters on his own site, John Edwards has issued a clarification about his speaking ill of a fellow Democrat. Interesting.

On a related note Bob Johnson has yet another excellent diary about the broader context for all of this - namely, insider Democrats looking for ways to bring Dean down. Salon reports that Dean is doing better in off-year fundraising than *ahem* previous Dem party chairs. But that's not good enough for these special people.
What we are witnessing is a coordinated effort by recent Democratic Party "insiders" to undercut Dean's chairmanship.  Yep, the same folks who took on-the-record and anonymous potshots at Kerry and his campaign are now running an organized effort to get Dean dumped from the party chairmanship.

How ironic.  Biden, Lieberman, Carville and numerous "anonymous party sources" spent the better part of the general election campaign undercutting Kerry and his campaign/campaign staff.

Oh, if only these (so-called) fellow Democrats had been as concerned about beatng Bush as they seem to be about crushing Dean...

The Hill article points out that the Clinton-era big donors feel dissed by Dean.  (Thus, Al From's and Carville's endless harangues.)  Their complaints are as whiny as "not getting enough face time."

And one can rest assured that the Beltway consultants and sycophants are not at all happy that their high-paying clients can't get long audeinces with the party chairman -- who has been busy meeting with state-level party officials in an effort to rebuild the party from the ground up.

[...]Imagine the audacity of a Democratic Party chairman deciding that the states are more qualifed to spend party monies than the consultants in Washington.

What a bastard.

And imagine a party chairmen dissing the heavy-duty corporate donors of the Clinton era...

The nerve!
I was just a few rows behind Carville at a Nationals game the other day. Oh, if only I weren't so introverted and polite in real life. ;-)
Posted by J at June 7, 2005 6:45 AM

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