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June 7, 2005

by J

On the Democrats' Women Problem

I have been reading a fair number of the reactions around the web to Markos' lashing out in women-bashing (or, worse, trivializing) fury and alienating a significant portion of his "community"'s userbase.

I'm too furious myself, and too time-constrained unfortunately, to spend a lot of energy explaining just how damaging, not to mention idiotic and historically and culturally ignorant his stance (and that of too many so-called "progressive" or hardcore Democrats) is. Pearls before swine, I think, anyway. And several of my comrades-in-arms have already done well in the relevant threads on dKos and elsewhere. (Not that the fratboy wanna-be pundits are listening.)

NYCO has decided to move in a more action-oriented and positive direction and has kickstarted a discussion space on blogspot for a more thoughtful (and less toxic) conversation.

What's happening at Kos's site is gravely disheartening. And symptomatic of problems within the larger party. As I said to my spouse just yesterday - it is 5 months into 2005 and I have just about had it with this party (Dean or no Dean - and I know he's trying).

But, as usual I'm just a lowly independent voter in a red state with money to donate (also a "sanctimonious" female who's tired of being sold out), after all, so what do they care?
Posted by J at June 7, 2005 11:38 AM

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