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June 24, 2005

by J

Women Backing Away from Repubs

Roxanne and Amanda point out that women are backing away from Republicans, resulting in a re-emerging gender gap. Wonder if the Dems will pay attention. As Roxanne says:
So, men of Leftopia, by all means, keep marginalizing the voices of women.
Amanda notes it may have something to do with Bush's fetish to pull the legs out from under the elderly by destroying Social Security. Women know what that means:
most women will correctly surmise that parents moving back in is going to increase their personal work loads around the house drastically. (Ours being as sexist a society as it is.) Social Security is a great issue to start chipping female voters away from the Republicans and bring them back to the Democrats. Indeed, one would almost think it would be a good idea for hardcore partisans to actively seek women for leadership positions so as to better make their case to American women.
But, uh, I'm sure our wise Democratic punditocracy thinks they have more "important shit" to worry about. Indeedle-ly-do.
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In addition to the need to take care of penniless elders, women rely on Social Security for more years (because they tend to live longer than men) -- there are so many good reasons for the D's to jump on this issue.

Posted by: Katxena at June 24, 2005 10:29 AM

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