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June 28, 2005

by J

Incapable of Learning

I don't read Josh Marshall's new web project, TPMCafe, very often - the interface is confusing and unintuitive, and there's that "too cool for school" pufferific attitude wafting off of many of the writers.

But I did glance at it this afternoon. And aaaggghh! I don't know who "Mister Burns" is - but the fact that there are still Dems who think like this is maddening.

This guy blames Dem losses over the past 10 years on, you guessed it, those meanie-mean liberals, bloggers, and activists. Good lord! Hey buddy, this independent right here was annoyed at the Nader voters in 2000 but is now just about ready to give up on your stinkin' party for being such complete wankers. Get a frickin' clue.

The Republican party panders to its base, the Democrats (on Karl Rove's advice) run screaming from theirs in pursuit of a waffling mealy-mouthed inoffensiveness that inspires no one and nauseates many. Leadership and principled stands are lost on the Democrats these days (modulo Dean, Boxer, and a few Reps in the House).

And on and on it goes. I don't think this party will ever learn. As marisacat often suggests, it may need to get really bad before it gets better. I doubt the Democratic party will be much help between now and then. I'm not really looking forward to middle age in this America (and it has nothing to do with vanity) and I'm really glad I don't have kids.
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I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing about the Dems losing because of liberals. THE LIBERALS HAVEN'T BEEN IN CHARGE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY SINCE BEFORE CLINTON!

It's just like the Republicans blaming the Democrats for losing the war in Iraq. We're not fucking in charge, you assholes. It's your show...you lose? Your fault.

Deal with it.

Btw...I've been getting a lot more profane lately. I think maybe I'm annoyed.

Posted by: carla at June 29, 2005 01:21 PM

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